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Please enjoy our sporadic posts on life as a married couple

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oakland Mexico Trip

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Anyone who was on the trip gets the humor of this post title. The group wasn't really from Oakland, they were from the City right next it - San Leandro. It's kinda like asking someone from Redlands if they live in San Bernardino. Anywho, Matt and I joined this group (and brought along Scott, Joy, & Nichole) for this build (and prebuild in Oct) in December. They were a great group, and we loved meeting all of them. This was a stretching trip for both Matt and I. Matt had to drive Brad's van down to the Ranch, empty, because all of the SL people were in the bus, which was following Matt. To recap: Matt drove to the Otay Mesa border, made it across, but then once they realized his van was full of luggage for the people in the bus, he was turned back, and had to find his way to the regular border crossing, got Dick through (he was driving the bus) and then proceeded to lead the troop to the Ranch. I think he met up with Carter somewhere in Ensenada, but I know he was stressed when Rick kept going (with the trailer) at Otay. But my husband was awesome and did amazingly well. It was hard for me because this was my first trip without Matt driving me in 5 years. I was with Scott, and he has done the drive many times as well, but the mind plays tricks on you and imagines worse possible scenarios (one of us getting pulled over and the other not being able to find him / her - you know cuz we weren't together). But the drive was fine and the build - well the team did great. We had nails that WOULD NOT go in straight. You had to drive the whole nail (and these were 16s, that - long long nail) in with about 4 or 5 swings. Even Matt was having nails bend. But in the end, we got the house up and had the priviledge of giving the keys to Socorro. Tje group from Creekside loved the trip so much that they were planning their next one before we even left that Ranch. In a way, Papa influenced this - because the Oakland prebuild for his memorial house is how Kathy found out about Hands of Mercy! Enjoy the random pictures that I took at the build (and the border)!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lisa's Scarf

I can now post this project, as Lisa received it last night. It took me awhile to crochet this scarf, but I do love it! I found this pattern over at Lion Brand and gave it a shot. It's beautiful, isn't it? I made a beanie to match, but it ended up a bit tight (and I have a small head), so I gave it to Colette instead. Now if only I could find the pictures that I took of me with the scarf / hat combo. Maybe by the time I actually post this (it's currently Dec 18th and I'm pre-posting for dec 24 hehe). If not, enjoy it. And happy Christmas Eve. We are in the Bay Area and loving it (I'm sure, we always do!)

Now a few shots of me with the beautiful scarf on. It sure was hard to give this one up!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shower Gift

Holly (she was pictured in the Betty Crocker Post) iand Jake are tying the knot in March. Matt is one of the groomsmen, and I get to just enjoy the ceremony. I, however, get to go to showers, that's what being a girl is all about, right? Well I made her these coasters, and the set that goes with them. I wanted to find earthy fabrics, that were fun, as that is what they are all about! Matt saw me making these, and asked if they were for them - that's a sign that I did something right... when someone just knows who the gift recipient is!

Front of the Coasters (used this pattern)

The backsides - I just used one square of each of the colors used in the mix up instead of a plain background.

I also made some specialty rubs. Kansas City Rib Rub, Carolina BBQ Rub, and a Sweet & Savory Seafood Rub (I am also making these for my father in law for Christmas - the theme this year is homemade, and I thought what better homemade thing for a guy than BBQ rubs? Oh and I made the labels myself!)

All together, I got the rolling pin & spatulas from the Dollar Store. They are so awesome tho and fit the color scheme perfectly! I also made some Rosemary Olive Oil. Yum-O!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another trip to the Hangar

After taking my Dad to Hangar 24 after Thanksgiving, he started following them on twitter. And when he re-tweeted a link about a Twin Engine Cask Night... well I decided that I needed to check it out! We convinced Kevin & Lindsey to join us before heading over to the Springsteds for a 20Somethings Christmas Party. I had an Alt Bier with Coconut Hops. It was delicious!

Kevin & Lindsey are laughing because I said I had to rotate the camera to fit them both in (because Kev is so stinking tall)

He did the same thing when taking our picture, which resulted in laughter and smiles. It's hard for Matt and I to smile well in pictures, so I just had to post this (it's pretty much the main reason for this post!). Mom, you should frame this one. too bad it's in a Brewery, huh?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Betty Crocker House Party

As some of you know, I hosted a Betty Crocker Cookie Exchange a few weeks ago. I signed up at, after I was chosen as a finalist, they sent me a goodie box of things to share with my guests. i ended up making it a co-ed cookie exchange, so that the guys could hang out, and Matt wouldn't have to find something else to do. The party was a success and I got a few great recipes out of the deal. 2 recipes were with the Betty Crocker cookie mixes that house party sent. These recipes will both be featured on Christmas Day at Mama's house. I also got a great recipe from Holly, and Lindsey introduced another (although I tracked down her mother in law for the actual recipe! Enjoy the pictures of the night

Note: I uploaded them small because there were so many. I didn't realize just how small they would be! haha

Goodie Bags (that I put together) with free stuff from Betty Crocker. Included: BC Spoon, Grocery list, recipe & coupon booklet (if your last name is Koenig, Atwood, West, Hughes, or Hale, you may or may not be getting one of these for Christmas)

Peanut Butter Bliss Cookies (used the BC Peanut Butter cookie pouch and Dark Chocolate Hershey's Bliss Bars [instead of heart candies])

Another shot - just turn your head to the side. For whatever reason blogger is messing up my formatting today!

Steak Bites, as previously see last week. mmmm (again turn head to side and curse PCs)

Stuffed Mushrooms (also by Ree) - delicious, especially for someone who doesn't like mushroms!

Lindsey and Gail helping make the Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Thingies

The boys played Wii (until later when we all sat down to watch Christmas with the Kranks)

Matt loved the food. :)

Again, tilt your head. A close up of the delicious Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno thingies, before going in the oven. (I took the leftovers to church and they were gone in 10 minutes. Everyone asked for the recipe, so if you are looking for something simple and delicious - check this one out. 3 ingredients!)

Cookie Tray #1 (Snickerdoodles (Gail), No Bake Cookies (Lindsey) and Pretzel-Rolo-Pecan thingies (Linds again))

My recipe for Gluehwein & some blank Betty Crocker recipe cards

Lindsey's Peppermint Meltaways and my Peanut Butter Bliss Cookies

Found these awesome plates at the dollar store - they went with the theme (Betty Crocker & Christmas) and were super cheap. Plus everyone got an awesome plate to take home!

Gluehwein - it's not a holiday party without it! (somehow I have to figure out how to bring this to Joshua Tree, so I don't completely freeze!)

Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos in the oven

The whole cookie spread and the party favors

Joy, Lindsey, and Holly making up their plates (Gail trying to hide behind)

My plate. Delicious. Plus I got leftovers (after I made up a plate for Staci who had the date wrong, because I texted the wrong date earlier)
All in all, a wonderful party. Thanks so much Betty Crocker and!

If you made it through this whole post, I'm proud of you. Leave me a comment to know you are here! haha And up next - a Wii fitness party in January. We got the party package already and Matt is stoked. We also get free Jello Mousse Temptations - it's not ever out at our Staters yet!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hangar 24

About a year ago Matthew and I found out about this local brewery, Hangar 24. We visited their hangar for a tasting on a Saturday afternoon. At that point there were about 10 people there, the only beer was on tap, it wasn't carried anywhere else, and they were only open 3 days a week. Flash forward to Thanksgiving weekend... we took my dad by to check it out only to find they are now open every day. And they are on tap all over So Cal (this we knew, because we always got their Orange Wheat at Gourmet Pizza) and they bottle 6 packs both the Orange Wheat and IPA. They had their first cask night (think of it as a football game with throwback jerseys) on December 4th and 600 people were there. That is crazy! I'm so excited to have this local brewery that is growing. It's a cool place to go hang for an afternoon and have a beer or a "flight" (that's trying all 6 that they brew).

The majority of our flight.

Caity (dad in background)

My father who is now hooked on Hangar 24! Woo!

Manny (cousin) and my Dad

Caity & Me. Much better than the picture from the apple farm with the sun in my eyes!

Matt came inside for awhile
Chris, Manny, Joshua, & Bryley
Josh & Bryley haha

I asked my mom to get me a Growler (basically a glass bottle that holds 2 liters of beer, the equivalent of a 6 pack) with the promise that I would fill it and bring it up for Christmas. While inside for an extra 2 minutes, the boys quickly found a frisbee and started playing!