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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmastime is Here

The day after Thanksgiving was Christmas decoration time! I was excited to open up the boxes and enjoy another Season of Yule with my love. I found this wreath in one of the boxes, I believe I made it during my freshman year of college

My love putting up the Christmas lights.

H2 wanted to help also (don't worry, he got squirted with water right after this picture, so he knows not to play with power cords)

They LOVE the tree. They loved it even more when it was in pieces on the ground.

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sassy studio said...

puttingup lights in t-shirts- my hubby needs to wear 5 layers with mittens, hat and lined boots! I ask daily to move to CA- I loved carmel, monteray, san fran and san diego sooooooo much! I could eat at chipolte everyday!!! you are one lucky gal!arush