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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hangar 24

About a year ago Matthew and I found out about this local brewery, Hangar 24. We visited their hangar for a tasting on a Saturday afternoon. At that point there were about 10 people there, the only beer was on tap, it wasn't carried anywhere else, and they were only open 3 days a week. Flash forward to Thanksgiving weekend... we took my dad by to check it out only to find they are now open every day. And they are on tap all over So Cal (this we knew, because we always got their Orange Wheat at Gourmet Pizza) and they bottle 6 packs both the Orange Wheat and IPA. They had their first cask night (think of it as a football game with throwback jerseys) on December 4th and 600 people were there. That is crazy! I'm so excited to have this local brewery that is growing. It's a cool place to go hang for an afternoon and have a beer or a "flight" (that's trying all 6 that they brew).

The majority of our flight.

Caity (dad in background)

My father who is now hooked on Hangar 24! Woo!

Manny (cousin) and my Dad

Caity & Me. Much better than the picture from the apple farm with the sun in my eyes!

Matt came inside for awhile
Chris, Manny, Joshua, & Bryley
Josh & Bryley haha

I asked my mom to get me a Growler (basically a glass bottle that holds 2 liters of beer, the equivalent of a 6 pack) with the promise that I would fill it and bring it up for Christmas. While inside for an extra 2 minutes, the boys quickly found a frisbee and started playing!

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genevieve said...

awesome, i wanna come, hey are you coming to the bay for the holidays????