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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Some random thoughts

Use cream of tartar or lemon juice when you are caramelizing sugar (trust me)

DO NOT (I repeat: Do NOT) go to JoAnn Fabric on Black Friday (I may have stepped in, but I left. Rapidly. Sorry family member of mine who's gift I was going to buy, better luck next year)

Naps are much better than football after your tryptophan high (Matt disagrees with me).

Check out this post for how to deal with holiday shopping (hint hint mom this might be good for everyday use, you who hates shopping!)

Don't use a mug to collect the rainwater dripping onto your kitchen counter. Use a bucket. There is a chance the drip will move and thus avoid the mug.

Lastly, check out this cool new search engine that I use. You can get gift cards by using it. Just click the link, read the FAQs, and then sign up, with me as a reference :)

Search & Win

I am taking final entries for the recipe swap... well it's not a contest, but umm.... recipe swap cool club. Right now our members are: Me, Mom, Emily, Katie (?), Lisa, and Wendig. Any more takers?