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Friday, November 13, 2009

Oakland Prebuild 6.13.2009

Back in June Matt & I led our first prebuild for Hands of Mercy. This was the first of 2 houses being built in honor of my grandpa, Papa. It was great to have the whole family together doing something for someone else. These houses are up at the Ranch in Mexico, they serve those who go out into the cities and serve others. Anywho, I already posted a bunch of pictures from our trip wandering around the City, but I hadn't posted prebuild pictures yet. So here are the few that I took!
Me & Linds doing the cut slips

Matt & Rick Carter doing layout Some Atwoods & Wests hammering the floor(?) together
Love this pic! Mike, Dan, & Josh (Warren in the background)

Lonnie making Matt take the lead (blue shirts?)
More family
2 aunts & a cousin!
2 cousins & an uncle (I love that Josh is just playing in the background)


Jessica said...

i owe you a "blog craft" right? email me your address at and i'll try to send it asap it's 99.9% done! i hope you LOVE it

Claire Koenig said...

Thanks for posting! And Josh did actually do some hammering. It was sweet to see.

Megan said...

yeah he is hammering in the first pic of him!