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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home

While the boys were working hard on the lawn, I was working hard on the rest of the house. We are slowly making progress on the inside of the house as well. These pictures are actually from the night of the Fall Party. The house was clean, so I thought I would get some good pictures!

Our kitchen. The tile is white, which sucks. Any drop of anything shows up. I should mop it daily to keep it looking nice, because after 3 days it looks horrendous!

The dining room. Someday we will have cabinets and a counter top across that whole wall.

Living Room. How cozy is it with those candles?

These couches were a wedding gift from my parents and we LOVE them! (and yes we have a lamp with no shade behind them, we should really do something about that!)


Claire Koenig said...

Looks awesome! Want a lampshade for Christmas?

Beth Schnettler said...


It takes time to get your home the wait you want it. We are still doing things to get our home the way we want it. You and Matt are doing great. Just remember that it just take just - even God didn't create the world in one day.


Jessica said...

So cozy!! And I completely agree with does take time!! Especially if you don't want it to look like some department store moved in-- personal touch takes time!!

Megan said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Beth!

And mom - yes please!

Jess - have that baby yet? hehe

genevieve said...

i like it. Yeah coming home! Yes, i will be around, so i claim time with you! And max is a friend in Belgium.