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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Current Craftings & Eatings

I realized that I am really bad at posting pictures of what I am sewing and what I have sewn. If you are friends with me on ravelry, then you will see lots of pictures of what I am crocheting. But I'm not putting it on the blog, because I am currently making lots and lots of Christmas gifts, and one of them might be for you! Anywho, I was sewing last night and thought I would take some pictures. My phone actually has a decent (for a phone) camera and that's what I use for ravelry pictures. Because I can take them and email them to myself and then just upload immediately. No cords necessary. So I'm doing that with sewing too!

Up first is a set of coasters and towels. This is for a couple who's colors are earthy.. the bridal shower is next Saturday. I may be making another set for a couple getting married in January. I really like how the color combo turned out. Oh and I'm using this tutorial.

And this??? well it is top secret... until after Christmas. but I will just leave you to wonder what I made and who it is for! :)

And if you wanted to know what we have been eating lately...

PW's Steak Bites (trying them out for a party... sooo good!)

Just learned to use the macro lens on my camera and I LOVE it!

Potato Bacon Chowder. Minor adjustments made to the original recipe, like I poured out some of the bacon grease before cooking the onions and celery in it. haha Great way to use up Milk (and potatoes!), but I'm sure it's terrible for us. Matt gave it two thumbs up!


Claire Koenig said...

When we were in Lewiston, Idaho, the popular menu item was "bite size" steak. But I think they bread theirs before frying. It didn't sound so appetizing. I may have to try these ... a good party snack, I do agree!

Jessica said...

What a busy lady you've been!! ;)