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Friday, December 11, 2009

Sod Day / Front Yard

One sunny day in November, the 21st to be exact, was the day when we stole a lawn from Matthew's parents. Okay, so they were zero-scaping (landscaping with minimal water, thinks rocks & deciduous trees) and offered us their lawn for our front yard. We pulled together a motely crew and used a rented sod-cutter to get that lawn over to our house. And we were able to give a bunch to Lonnie and Lauriana as well. Now they have a back lawn! Here are pictures of sod - cutting day, and a few of our new front yard. [it is still a work in progress, but it is no longer a big patch of dirt!]


Caitlin said...

omg your house looks so cute! i love the stone walkway! what a big yard you have! ummm ps- sod = amazing.

Jessica said...

loving the new yard!! and i've never heard of giving someone your lawn...haha! Hilariously silly but a good use of second-hand!

Claire Koenig said...

I'm excited for you to see your house coming along as it is. It's looking so much better than that day back in March when you moved in! By the way, it's xeri-scaping,l I believe... "xeri" being a root word for dry.

Megan said...

Thanks Caitlin!

And Mom, thanks for the vocab - I always thought it was zero - for no water. hehhehe