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Friday, August 29, 2008

Morning Walk

Matt is always wanting to go on walks and yet we never seem to find time. Plus, I'm a teeny bit lazy (I blame the broken ankle, but it's been over a year now, so I really can't use that as a crutch anymore (haha get it?)). I am also not a morning person, Matt used to be, but slowly he is starting to sleep in also. So you can imagine his surprise when I suggested that we get up at 5 30 am to go on a walk. At 11 pm, we changed it to 5:45, but we still got up and walked, Thursday morning. Just a little 15 minute walk around the neighborhood, but it is something. We tried to do the same today, but somehow slept through the alarm and woke up too late. So we didn't go on a walk this morning (maybe we can get one in this evening?). A realistic goal would be for us to go on a walk at least one morning a week, maybe even 2. but Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are out, cuz I'm at school until late the nights before. But that leaves Thursday through Monday. Iwill keep you all posted on how our walking goes! Man, being healthy and fit is not easy! But we don't want to put on the newlywed 30 lbs....


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Anonymous said...

You definitely need to find some good fitness outlets. Walking is good for you, and it's free, too. I blamed my weight on "baby fat" until you and Davis were in midde school, and I decided I really needed to face up to the fact that this had nothing to do with pregnancy anymore. Don't let some excuse keep you from being fit. ~ Large Marge, AKA Mom