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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Michael Jackson Performance Review

Brooke and I have recently started reading (is that even a grammatically correct phrase?) Stuff Christians Like, a blog. Lauren emailed me about the link awhile back, and I love it! We will randomly text each other things like, "oh my gosh Missions Trip Fanny Pack!! haha" or "Where did the drumset go?" or "\~~~\ (which means I didn't go to church cuz I slept in) or o0o0o (which means I'm throwing skittles at people so they stay awake during the sermon)" haha So those probably didn't make any sense to you, but I suggest you head over to his blog and check out a few entries, try prayer ninja, what happens when you pray, christian emoticons, etc. THose are some of the best ones. (there are links to each post on the side).

I digress. Today's blog was about Missions Trip dances. I remember my first one, from the song in Sister Act. (Which I can't remember the title of, but I know it starts out all slow and people did sign language, then all of a sudden the rest of us are running around the stage haha) We did some of the actual moves, it was pretty funny. The next year it was some Mary Mary songs. And there was always the slow moving sign language songs (I can only imagine always sticks in my mind as this). But Jon (of SCL) did dances to secular music, ours was always Christian. He did one to Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson. See his post about it here, along with the video of Michael's 1988 Grammy performance of that song. I have never seen it before, probably because I was about 4 when it happened. haha please watch the video. It will probably make you giggle, and maybe even cringe a bit.

Here is my critique:
-The lights going around the stage look like giant macaroni noodles. I bet they were super hip in 1988 though. hehe
-Is it just me or are his pants majorly flooding? I don't think this was ever in style.
-At one point his mike cuts out, but you can still kinda hear him singing. Sign of a non-lip syncer?
-At another point MJ is doing a weird spinny thing and apparently singing, but it looks like he could not actually do both. Lip sync? You decide. I highly doubt it.
-MJ's dance moves are a little too much for me to handle at times. I mean, his moves in Thriller were really cool and he got everyone to learn that dance (even people younger than me know that dance). But his freestyle is a little lame-o. It looks like he is jumping... like when runners prep before a race, to stretch their muscles. It is a stretch / warm up, not a dance move Michael. And lastly, he skips around a lot when he sings. It's kinda weird. haha
-Kilo dances like this (kinda). And i love her for it (and miss her, hope Germany is awesome)! I know she has most of MJ's songs memorized, so it makes sense that she knows the dance moves too. However, hers look cool and Kelleyish, whereas his look dumb. This made me miss living with Kelley.

Did you watch the vid? What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

haha I agree - I do not think that flooding pants were ever a good thing haha

Anonymous said...

I agree that flooding pants were never in style. But there was a time that the white socks were big. I think he was showing those off. You are not likely to ever find me defending MJ, even though we're the same age. Back when we were both 12 he was black and had all the features of a black person (skin color, nose, hair, etc. Cute Afro, dark skin, wide nose.) I'm not sure what he is now. Back when you were in high school and we went on the Notables tour, we were in Santa Maria and while all you students hung out together, I hung out with the G-lovers and the local teacher. She told us about taking some students to perform at Neverland, and how normal he was. Said he sat like any dad and read stories to his kids. One of her students used to work for him, washing cars, etc. That was about the same time he got sued for child molestation. I just don't know but I think his elevator quit going to the top floor a long time ago. Maybe it was the socks. I will say, though, that he wasn't really dancing in this performance. Don't forget he invented the moonwalk. He was truly inventive, with things like Thriller, but in this clip he was more moving around a little bit while he sang. Even then, back in the 80's at a grammy performance, it was probably new. Maybe it was the socks again.

Now on to the important response: favorite missions dance song: I'd have to say it's a tie between "Shackles" and "Stomp." Whenever I hear either of those songs I am transported to some Indian reservation with a bunch of earnest although rhythmically-challenged kids sweating and sharing the love of Jesus.

~ Mom K. (sorry, still can't remember by Google password.)

Megan said...

That was a lot mom! haha But yes, i agree, he wasn't really dancing much in that clip. haha

And he turns 50 today. There's a big slideshow of him on about that today! Poor guy, he got stuck in all sorts of media crap!

Dean said...

I miss Kelly doing the 'Jesus walk' in Italy! Dad