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Friday, August 22, 2008


I realized I was a failure (not really) yesterday around 2:00 pm. Why, you ask? Well in my menu planning, I had planned on cooking a crockpot meal for that night. Only someone (me) forgot to get out the crockpot and turn it on and get everything in it before work. So I had to go with a plan b. What would have been smart would have been to just swap with tomorrows meal, but that's BBQ, and I like Friday BBQs, makes it seem like the weekend. So I decided to find some casserole recipes and try out one of those. Well, i didn't do a casserole, but I did make enchiladas (which can be prepared in a casserole dish, and then can be frozen, so really, it's like the same thing). And they came out quite tasty. I only had to buy tortillas, I had everything else already! So I have a new tasty recipe (Rachel Ray added cinnamon and chili powder, as well as cumin to the mix, made it have a zing!) that we love.

Recent Pictures:

Matt made us a lovely dinner of chicken, rice, and veggies (sometime last week)

All dressed up for the Seymour Vow Renewal, fun night!

The ants in the corner of our bedroom. It's horrid. We took pictures for proof to show the complex. We also have pictures of the roof leaking into our kitchen.

One last shot of the ants, on the bathroom side of the door. The trap that we have there is now FILLED with ants (it's disgusting) and there are still some alive. It's time to get a new trap. Or tent the building...


Anonymous said...

Yeah for the delectable enchiladas!

Claire Koenig said...

Great that you had a plan b. That means you can't be a failure. I'd say you were a failure if you gave up, and that's one thing I can't ever imagine you doing!

bobbi said...

Planning is great and you are on the right track, YOU GO GIRL!