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Friday, August 15, 2008

I've decided to become frugal

The title of this post says it all! I am determined to save the Nadalet family some money. I think the best way to jump start that is to save money in grocery shopping. For the past few weeks, I have been reading for ideas on saving money and eating cheaply. Today I have planned out our menu for next week, and I am planning to go shopping for the items tonight.

But first, I want to share our number 1 rule in finances. God gave us this money and it's really his. So we need to honor that and give him what is His. Right now that is a little over 10% of our income, and we hope to increase it in coming years. That's what my grandpa did, and he left behind a legacy of caring and giving. He was seen as generous, we would both love to be seen in that way. So, as we begin our journey into living cheaply, we want to honor God first, with the money that he gave us. I have no doubt that he will provide for whatever comes our way. Hopefully you can be encouraged by this, and hey, maybe you will encourage me!



bobbi said...

right on girl Matt and I are the same way. I started taking the bus three days a week and were saving some major cash. Also I love to go to market night and get my produce a lot cheeper and yummier:) I love saving, And yes it's all Gods anyway!

Anonymous said...

Papa would be proud. As if he wasn't before. ~ Mom K.

Megan said...

Yeah, I was thinking that too, Mom