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Monday, August 18, 2008


Big Step #3: I made our very own Chex mix. I realized I could save money by making my own snack mix. And we are munchers, so we need snacky food. I can also control how much salt goes in and stuff, so it can be a bit (maybe ) healthier! Yesterday I tried Barbecue Chex Mix (go to for tons of mix recipes). I put a little too much BBQ sauce in it, so it was a little mushy, but hubby still loved it and gave me a big hug. Next week (or the week after, depending on how quickly we got through it), I'm going to try Italian Chex mix! The only bummer is that the directions are for the microwave, and I would much rather do it in the oven, but I could not really figure out how to make it different. Anyways, that's the last little "step" for today!


Anonymous said...

haha good job:)

Megan said...

thanks! I will try some with just Rice Chex next time, so you can eat it!

Annemarie said...

All we do with chex mix in the oven is melt the seasonings and liquid in a big, deep pan, then either dump the chex etc on it or, dump the liquid on the chex etc. Then we leave it in for 45 min, stir every 15 min, and yum.