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Monday, August 18, 2008


I went shopping yesterday and realized that my goal of only buying things on sale or with a coupon from now on was a little over-zealous. However, I was still very satisfied with our shopping trip.

Big step #1: We walked to Stater Bros. It's not very far, about a block. But it was good to be out and active, and not take the truck, because it's "easier to carry the groceries." I had a backpack and one cloth Trader Joes bag, while Matthew carried the big freezer pack Trader Joes bag and another heavy bag. We arrived home with lots of healthy groceries and feeling healthier about our little walk (Matt wants us to walk more regularly).

Big Step #2: Buying produce. I do not often buy produce, outside of Trader Joes. And everything at TJs is already pre-packaged. So there I was in Staters, weighing out our veggies to figure out the cost and if it was worth it. I also got regular sized carrots and celery (not the bite sized pre-cut stuff) and decided to prepare it at home. Once I got home, I washed all of the produce, and cut the carrots and celery into snack sized pieces, ready for dipping. It's much cheaper this way. I also used some little tiny tupperwares that I bought (last week) to bring ranch and peanut butter to the office. Lunches just got a whole lot healthier!

This week is our first week on a menu. We will see how it all goes. In 2 weeks we will be housesitting for 10 days. That also concides with my 2nd week of school, so it will be a bit of a challenge. I also don't like to cook when I'm at other houses, so my goal is to make some cassaroles in advance and freeze them. Then we won't make much of a mess and we will be able to reheat food quickly. The other challenge will be if I have class at 4, twice a week (I finally get to register tomorrow). When do I find time to eat? Since I will be going straight to school from the office. Any advice? I want to save money by not eating out on those days, that would get pricey.

And I realized I have not put up any pictures from Mike and Sarah's wedding... here are a few:

PS. For those who say we go to lots of weddings. We will be going to a wedding three weeks in a row (Sept 27, Oct 3, Oct 11). Now that's crazy!


Anonymous said...

Wow - at least our wedding run is over for now. We're feeling kind of relieved.

For dinner ideas - it's got to be something you can eat in the car. A healthy sandwich (starting with multi-grain bread) with some lean lunchmeat, sliced peppers, onions, tomato, some of your Chex Mix in a baggie, cut up carrots, raisins, grapes, blueberries, chips in a baggie, string cheese ... and don't forget a bottle of water and some napkins cause you're sure to drop something on your lap! That's Mom K's advice.

Megan said...

That's a great idea! Thanks