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Friday, November 14, 2008

Kitchen Aid & Aprons

I love my Kitchen Aid. I recently pulled it out of it's box and started using it again. It is definitely the best for kneading bread dough. Goodbye time wasted kneading dough. Hello time to enjoy my husband!

I also love Aprons (oh yeah, and Jenna is the reason for my hair curling all cute in the ponytail, I love new haircuts!). I mean, how cute is this cupcake fabric? Never mind the fact that there is a super cute rolling pin button that is in it's pocket, waiting to be sewed on, one year after its completion. Its still a super cute apron! I have a thing for sewing all things kitchen. My delicious page is quickly filling up with all sorts of apron, towel, and oven mitt tutorials. So wonderful. And what's even more wonderful, you ask? Oh the 12+ yards of Hawaiian Christmassy fabric from my Mutti! Oh my!!!

And don't even get me started on all things baby! I love babies! [no we are not having a baby now]. But i do want to sew baby things. Let's be realistic... if I sew blankets and clothes and fishing sets for my babies during the next 4 years, then by the time they are born, i will have time to spend with them, and their cute clothes! hehe

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Bobbi said...

lucky I wish I had a kitchen