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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Free Stuff

I have been getting various free things in the mail and in stores lately. I love the blogs that alert me about free deals, and that point me in good shopping directions. I am also thankful for a frugal Mother in Law who loves taking me under her wing. Thanks to her, I got all of the free stuff from Rite Aid, below. I would have never known about Single Check Rebates if not for her! I saved 40.40. Well, the check from RiteAid is missing right now, but if I find it, then I got all of that stuff for free. (bottomest picture). I also got this whole pack of Stride gum for free, from their website. How awesome is that? And I'm still lovin my apron! The 2 lipglosses (in that unflattering picture of me) were also free from the Rite Aid trip, just a close up. Yay free stuff!

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Bobbi said...

I want some free stuff, your so smart!!!!