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Monday, November 17, 2008

Date Night

I tried to take some recent pictures of a date night. Here's how it went:

First, rent (for a dollar), that movie your husband keep mentioning that he wants to see, Leatherheads.

Then get some pumpkin beer and chill it in the fridge. Hubby actually likes pumpkin beer because it's sweet.

Then look in the crockpot and realize that the dinner you started earlier looks weird. You can't tell if the chicken is actually cooked, and that's not a good sign:

Call the Bonns back and accept their invitation to dinner, because yours looks weird. Enjoy a fun time with family friends. Then come home and watch Leatherheads. (Note: I tried to puree pumpkin in between dinner and a movie, not a good idea. On date night I recommend giving hubby your full attention!) Better luck next time!

Side note: Matt is going to make me a gourmet dinner soon, I am very excited!

1 comment:

William and Jessica said...

Haha! Awesome date night. :) Let us know when you're back in the area.. we can double date.. we get free theater tickets to Hacienda... Bet Leatherheads can't beat that! :)