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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween Happennin Preparation

Our church, Trinity, does a major outreach on Halloween: Halloween Happenin'. About 5000 people from the surrounding area visit the church to play games and win candy. There's a live show (this year it was magic) and music (this year there was a roaming pirate band) and other fun things. It's not an evangelism thing (although it is at the church, so people see the church), but just a fun outreach. Praxis usually does 3 or 4 booths. One is always the dunk tank. In the past I have fun the Princess Toss (throw tiaras and necklaces onto the Disney princess cutouts), Finding Nemo Throw (toss plastic fish from Finding Nemo into fish tanks), and a few others that I cannot think of. This year all of student ministries (junior high through college) was a "Surf City" theme. The pastors even got to sit on a lifeguard tower! Matt made a really cool sign (sorry I don't have a picture). But I'm a difficult person. You see, I did the Nemo booth last year and dressed up like a mermaid. I did not want to do the same thing again. So Matt and I came up with a Ruby's theme. I mean, it's beachy, but still stands out (I know, I'm difficult, that's just who I am). The idea was to throw a burger onto a plate, and dress up like Ruby's girls. Well it evolved into 2 booths, one was a race to pick out matching objects for your plate, and the other was to throw hamburger parts into a mouth. This may look simple, but it took lots of work. The girls and I (mostly girls from Praxis) made our own Ruby's aprons at Lorene's house, the week before Halloween. Then we got together on the night before Halloween to set up the booths. Here are the photos of the getting ready part of HH.

Nichole & Joy cutting & ironing

Cutting and Sewing

Me & my Janome, sewing aprons. The cool thing is that we each have a cool apron now!

Joy & Nichole painting our little logos that Matt made (he duplicates Ruby's logos, they are not his own design, and we are not selling anything...)

Maleah & Jenn ironing

Me painting the lips

Joyride on the golf cart with Steve

Modeling the lovely aprons! (I wanted them to be straight cut on the bottom, not curvy)

Staci & I stole Lorene's camera for a pic while getting the booth set up

Tune in tomorrow for pictures of the finished booth and all of the Ruby's ladies together!


Claire Koenig said...

Very, very cute, and creative, as you always are -- but where are the photos of the finished booth?

William and Jessica said...

I'm so jealous of your creative, sewing girl bonding time!! I wish I could get some girls around here up for the venture. :) I definitely approve of the crafty!

p.s. I tagged you on my blog!

Bobbi said...

soo cute!