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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Creamy Herbed Potatoes

A few weeks ago I found this recipe on Pioneer Woman. Oh man. It looked delicious. And I liked her whisky carrots (mmm mmmm), so I figured, why not give it a try? It ended up tasting so wonderful that i might make it for Thanksgiving. And I should point out that I do have a mandolin slicer. But why used it when I have wonderful calphalon knives and want to prove a point? So yeah. Here's my hand sliced (and yes I did wash the taters, Mom) Creamy Herbed Potatoes. There aren't pictures of all of the steps, because I always forget to take them. But that picture of me with the gum, last week, yeah that was taken in the midst of this baking session.

First, get your potatoes...

Next, chop them thin with your beautiful knife. Fun cupcake apron and taking backwards pictures is optional

Look at all of those sliced potatoes and chopped onions. My oh my that is a lot of work!

Too much butter (oops!) and onions and cream cheese

Mmmm fresh herbs from the Nadalets! Yumo!

In the oven. See that insane layer of butter on top, yeah I used too much. (I think this was when I left the butter on the stove, while the oven was on, and it melted ALL over the stove and then when i replaced it, I put too much in...)

Breaded chicken, homemade bread, and herbed potatoes, delicious dinner!

You will have to try out this recipe. It is so good. I'm sure it is horrible for you, but it is sooo good. Trust me. And Ree...


Claire Koenig said...

Looks delicious. But ... one of the things they taught me in the one home economics class I took (before they laughed me out for my curved seams in the sewing section) was to look at color on the plate, and try to make the plate interesting with a variety of color. You've got one green plate, lots of white stuff. Add a salad, or some parsley, or - some of that extra lettuce! PS is your recipe club going to happen? I'm still, old as I am, looking for good things to cook.

Monique said...

yummy :)

Bobbi said...

i am for sure trying this!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want some! You should make some for class Tuesday Night!

janelle said...

nice slicing! I am working on knife skills at school and am really enjoying working on cutting potatoes:).

You two are a beautiful couple!

Life with the Lyons said...

ha! yeah, of course you guys can come!!! the more the merrier! we might not meet till the 20th... i'll keep you posted. i like that you like to cook and bake and that you like aprons. i only have one right now, but i'm open to expanding my collection.

Anonymous said...

You need to add some green veggies!!! :) Got to keep yourself healthy!