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Monday, May 11, 2009


My visit to Seattle to see Lisa. Sorry the pictures are a bit out of order! It was so good to spend time with Lisa and just relax (Saturday = pjs and a movie day). And we had movies and dinner with Elizabeth and Bekah, I missed them too!

Chocolate factory (have to wear a hairnet!)

We made these wine charms. Too cute!

Wine tasting at Pasek Cellars. Wow. My posture needs some work. ugh


Jessica said...

rebeka from cheer? The other blonde girl looks familiar too...i hardly remember anyone from cheer, or highschool! ha, bad memory!!

Megan said...

Yeah from cheer. I don't know if you guys ever cheered together tho. Can't remember. haha

And Lisa was my roommate in East freshman year and then the RA in Grossmont... hahah

Shari @ A Psych Mommy said...

Sweet! You went to a chocolate factory! I hope they gave lots of samples to try out ;)