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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Late Late Update from Lewiston

Actually this is from early today, it was emailed at 1 am, Who know my parents could stay up so late??

Well, we beat Lee tonight, 8-5, but it wasn't without drama. A couple of nail-biting innings left some of us parents concerned about the condition of our hearts. Dean watched the game online and we texted back and forth quite a bit during the game. He would text to tell me Davis was warming up (I also got those texts, once I sent out a text at 8:30 saying, where are my updates? I was no longer in the dark about the game!) (I can't see the bullpen from my seats) and I would text about the status of the 50-50 raffle.

The raffle, by the way, was the most impressive I've seen. Veterans of youth sports know the frustrations of trying to sell, and having to buy, 50-50 tickets when the prize is so minimal - one time I won about $30.00 and that was actually a good take. Opening night, the winner's portion (50%) was over $900.00. Tonight it was a measly $300 and I still didn't win. There's always tomorrow though.

Our starting pitcher went 6 innings but was pulled when he couldn't record an out in the 7th. Our 7th inning pitcher let a couple of the starter's baserunners score before closing them down. Our closer pitched the 8th and 9th but I think he was pretty nervous or excited, too, because it wasn't exactly a smooth ride. However, they got the job done, and three home runs helped our cause immensely.

Davis did not pitch, but warmed up so long he ended up having to ice his arm. He's still loving the ride and eager to make his contribution when the time comes.

I shouldn't say tonight because it's after midnight, so it was actually last night ... and our next game is tonight (Thursday) at 7 PM. This will be the championship game. Our lights-out starter from last Friday night will start this game. We will face Lubbock Christian again.

After the game, several members of the team and parents, etc. went to a local restaurant on the water.that had agreed to stay open for us. There were about 30 of us and it was a fun time. Most fun for me, two of the dads split the bill for everyone! (Not really - I had a great time hanging out with the players and parents and learning a little more about them, and that was the best part.).

I am ashamed to say I have no picture to share. I thought I took a great one at the restaurant, but it's a blur. My little camera does not do well in low light. Instead I'll select another random amusing "welcome to town" picture. The other side of this sign says "Kung Pao Chicken." Apparently they didn't notice the problem on this side.

Have a great Thursday!


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e.c said...

Hi, I'm Emily. I'm over here via SMS. I wanted to leave a note saying that I read your 'About Me' info and it made me chuckle...according to what you have written there it would seem we're very much alike. I hate cleaning, but try to suck it up for my man. And I love to craft which means that I should clean. vicious cycle.

Anyway. Hope you have a great day/evening. Warm wishes for lots more years of love for you and your hubby. (and kids when they come) ;)


Ps. your wedding picture is so cute.