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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Guest post day 2

Today (Saturday) was a day off for the team. They had practice from 11 to 1 so Dean and I went for a walk along the Snake River in the AM. Walked to a spot where Lewis and Clark camped, after their overwinter with the Nez Perce Indians.

The Snake river runs from south to north, and then makes a sharp bend to the west here. The Clearwater River flows in and joins the Snake right at the bend, to form a "T". It was neat to walk where such an interesting part of our US history took place, even though levees and dams and locks have changed the way the river looks compared to the way Lewis & Clark saw it.

Lewiston is to the east and south of the "T' in the rivers, beginning at a low elevation and rising rather steeply on bluffs as you leave from the river. Our motel room is on a bluff overlooking quite a bit of the town and the Clearwater just where it reaches the Snake. Clarkston is to the west and south of the "T". Point Loma's team is staying there, right on the river. This afternoon we drove east along the Clearwater, in the Nez Perce reservation, and it was beautiful. The main attraction around here is Hell's Canyon (editor's note: Mom, didn't we go there a long time ago, or talk about going and I freaked out?), a gorge deeper than the Grand Canyon. We will probably not get there this trip.

Despite it being a day off, we maanged to watch part of three games, checking out the competition. A few minutes ago we learned we wll play the #1 seed Monday so we have our work cut out for us.

Tomorrow is Sunday and there are no games, because (I'm told) there is a large percentage of Christian schools in NAIA and they generally don't want to play on Sunday. We will visit the local Nazarene church with the team, and later in the day there's a BBQ for the team, hosted by the local team Sponsor. Parents are invited to this too.

I spent about an hour on the phone with Dell Support this morning and got my card reader working, so I can send a picture along. Hope you enjoy!



Claire Koenig said...

Honey, you freaked out about any adventure we wanted to try out :) but we didn't get to Hell's Canyon when we were in Idaho before. Sorry.

By the way I can't see my cute pic of Davis - does it come up for you?

Also - I'm going to have to work on spellcheck.:)

Megan said...

haha Yeah I did. I remember hearing about Hells Canyon though. Anyways, the picture should be up. It's showing up on my side!

I edited one word on the next post! haha