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Friday, May 22, 2009

A long list...

Edited and re-posted.

I have accomplished some of the things, like making cupcake soap, yay! Time to continue onward...

I do not do resolutions. Because I always break them. I bought a one year bible one year. I quit reading in like March and now I dont even know where it is. However, I do have a "project list" of things to do. Some are not necessarily for 2009, some are. Mostly, I like to do lists. and I like checking things off. So heres my list of things to accomplish, hopefully in the next year (and in no particular order).

In general:
X Buy a House
X Get a 4.0 in the Spring Semester
READ my schoolbooks (didn't happen and won't happen as I quit school)
Get MegN Designs up and running

To cook or Bake:
X Lasagna
Chicken Broth
Brown Sugar Chicken in the Crockpot
Java Roast in the CrockPot

To create:
Full size quilt (probably not a 2009 dream) but this is a cool way...
X Cupcake Soap Visited Otion's Soap Bar!
X Bath Bomb
Roller Coasters (for glasses to go on)
Do something about the leftover candles from the wedding

This cute baby quilt
A Skirt
Pencil Case
This is a challenge, a folded star trivet
Redoing a Kitchen Towel
A redo of the oven mitt that was too small.
Ipod case
Birthday Cake soap Loaf
Pillowcase Dress (obviously for a friend's child)
Old T Shirt bag

Long term (like lifelong) goals:
Go to the Olympics
Visit Harry Potter Land
Hike half Dome (again)
Be a part of 10 loft houses being built (I think I'm at 3)

This list will go on....


megan k said...

I saw your name on PW's site and I clicked on your blog... I'm a megan, but i probably pronounce mine differently than you. Anyways, my jaw dropped when I saw your husband's name... I am also married to a matthew!


megan k said...

I pronounce it much weirder than Me-gan or May-gen, it's actually Meeeegan. Emphasis on the E. ;)

I'm assuming you are a Maygen? either way, still funny that we both have Matts. :)

William and Jessica said...

We just started reading daily together, in the hopes to read the Bible together this year. We also were so jaded by making resolutions but were given new hope from one of William's brothers. They are so great at being intentional-- definitely an encouragement!! It's great either way: a to do list or things to attempt to change! You go, Girl! Check that list! :D