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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why yes I did get my lovely new sweater for one dollar. Thanks for asking. And yes, I am wearing it today because I am going back to school. Today is my first day of school, it's been 2 years since I have had one of those, and 5 years since I have had a first day at a NEW school! So anyways, I got some cute "work / professional / cute" clothes from H& M yesterday (thanks mom for the bday giftcard) for pretty cheap. And I still have money left on the card. but the sweater in question (for a dollar) was on sale at Gottschalks, and it's been in my closet waiting until school starts to be worn. WEll, today is that day folks, school has begun (well at 4 pm, but you get the picture).

Oh and Mom, I would have made you proud last night. I got out the ironing board (hadn't used the big one yet, so I had to take the plastic wrap off) and ironed my new clothes. The skirt has 2 layers, an inside solid black layer, and an outer semi-opaque striped layer. So I had to iron the inner layer first, then the outer, and then finally the waistband. Wow! I also pulled out other things that looked wrinkled and ironed them. I figured I might as well take advantage of the iron / board out opportunity. Thankfully Matt paints, so he doesn't need any work clothes painted! haha

That's it for now. I have some pictures of the Casserole that I made Sunday (maybe our kid will be Cassie too, like Mama's firstborn was supposed to be... but Katie, I think you are a much better Katie, not a Cassie at all!), so maybe I will post those later.


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Claire Koenig said...

What sweet memories I have of back-to-school clothes. Did you take a picture on the front porch, squinting into the sun and holding your lunchbox? If you're like me, you forgot to get the camera out on yet another momentous occasion. But I'm surprised. It used to be that when we bought you school clothes, you couldn't wait until the first day of school to wear them and so they had all been worn and laundered a couple of times by the big day.