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Friday, September 19, 2008

Hunger Site & random thoughts

I think the reason that I have not posted much lately, is because I have not cooked much lately (I still love you casseroles!) Last night I bbqed chicken and asparagus. Matt said the asparagus was burnt and he didn't like it, but I think that was just his excuse. While it was quite crispy, it was very juicy. And the chicken, oh my how that was good. I marinated it in a herb & garlic marinade (Lawrys, bought on sale for a dollar at Staters, beat that!) overnight, so it was juicy and flavorful. We also had some mashed potatoes, I love just add water stuff. It may not be super healthy, but it's easy! And we had real potatoes the night before, so I didn't feel guilty.

Tonight we leave for San Diego to see my side of the family. And Saturday - Wild Animal Park! I am soo excited!

One other thing. There is a wonderful site that I found during my senior year in college, Basically you click the "feed the hungry - for free" button and it donates food. How? Well there are sponsers, whos ads are shown on the page after you click the button. So based on how many clicks there are, they donate money. It's a way for them to get advertising, and you to help people. It's completely free and you don't have to register. There's also the literacy site, breast cancer awareness site, etc, all at the top of the pages on tabbies. I highly recommend making this your home page, or at least adding it as a tab to your home page. Let me know what you think!

The Hunger Site

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