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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Matt is going to do what I want...

That's the main gist of this story. But I have to explain it. We got a new car over the weekend. See, Matt's grandpa bought a new car, and then didn't like it, so his parents bought it for his sister, so we got her old car. It's a 98 Avalon and it gets amazing gas mileage! We are so blessed to have a car now. We are still trying to sell the truck tho, so let us know if you are interested!

Anyways, as we got back home from Bill and Jenna's wedding reception (woo married people!!), Matt rolled the windows down. He said he was going to leave them down to air out the car, to keep it cool for me. I said, "but what if it rains?" He just looked at me like I was crazy and said, "It's Southern California, it is not going to rain. And if it does, I will do whatever you want for a year!"* Well later we went to the grocery store and he rolled the windows up as we got home, maybe he actually knew what was coming. But sure enough, as I went outside on Monday morning, it had definitely rained, our porch was wet, and we live on the 2nd floor. haha I called Matt outside and he tried to say the sprinklers went crazy, but we all know what really happened. Matt spoke too soon, challenged me (and God!), and now has to do what I want for a year. Not that I will take him up on the offer, but it's fun to make fun of him! hahahaha

*Sidenote: Matt is now claiming that he said if rain gets in the car he would do whatever I wanted. Typical guy, trying to get out of things! haha


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Claire Koenig said...

You know, as I read that, I thought "did he say 'if it rains' or "if it gets wet in the car'?" I went back up to check. And then I saw your note at the bottom. Welcome to married life. Get promises in writing. :)

Love you both.