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Monday, September 15, 2008

Not much to say

I do not really have time to post, but I just wanted to say hello and hopefully I will be back to my regular blogging soon. We are finally done house-sitting. It has been a very rough time (2 sec recap: dog pee carpet, ants in kitchen, dishwasher broken). Need I say more? The one bright light: They had a wonderful spa bathtub, so I got to take a couple nice long baths!

We still have leftover casserole (thank you Jesus), so I don't have to prep anything. I was so wiped out this weekend, after my Saturday seminar on child abuse, that I did not want to go anywhere near the kitchen. Matt was really disappointed when I informed him that I would not be making bread. Maybe I will surprise him with some fresh bread on Wednesday. i will be doing some real cooking on Thursday (BBQ chicken!) and then this weekend will be spent with my parents and brother, which we are really excited about!

Other news: Matthew's grandpa Richard (Dick) moved in this weekend. He's in a nice little apartment in Loma Linda. It was good to see him and help him get settled.

Well, back to reading. (want to know anything about human development? just ask) ta ta for now

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Claire Koenig said...

It's always good to hear from you. And you're both really looking forward to seeing us? Awesome. Hopefully we'll get the sweet hotel deal next time - this time we'll share that 2-bedroom suite right next to the amazing sushi place (I'll be waiting outside...) I made a good Italian dish tonight but it uses polenta - maybe you could make it with potatoes, probably just as good. Love you!