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Monday, August 16, 2010

Mexico Update

It is high time for a second update from the Ranch.  Things are going well here.  We are still alive and well.  I experienced the joy of life last night as I watched kittens being born.  Seemed much easier than having a child.  Life was really nice when we had power (from a generator) and running water (from water tanks up the hill) at the Johnsons.  Now we are facing reality as we come home to a lofthouse each night.  The Lord has totally been stretching us.  Our late night talks have been challenging, but wonderful.  Matthew and I are learning new things about each other, and I am excited to see how the Lord is going to grow us.  Please pray for continued wisdom and guidance and that we can be of great support to the missionaries down here.  Also, that we have fun!

Also, to my Beth Moore bible study ladies, I really missed you this week! but Jen & I watched the dvd and are looking forward to 2 more lessons together.  Can't wait til I am together with you all again soon.

Parents & siblings - we miss you all and wish you were here with us.  Hopefully we can do another family build next year!

The Johnson's house, where we spent our first 2 nights
Rick's lofthouse, where we will spend the remainder of our month.
The dining hall, where we do most of our cooking.
Playing Settler's, a game that can last hours
I saw some of these kittens being born... how often can you say that?
Matt & Jen trying to turn on the generator at the Van Nes.
This is right before Matt & I hoofed it up the hill to turn on the water.
These little guys helped me out with my journaling &
bible study at the Johnson's.
Jen & I with Shaina, the cake covered birthday girl
One happy six year old!
She's all smiles!


Claire Koenig said...

Awesome to follow along with your adventure; I love your willingness to serve. Nice that there can be some fun involved,too! Who made the luscious looking birthday cake?

Beth Schnettler said...


I am glad you are writing about your adventure. I hope that you and Matt will grow together through this journey and it will help you learn the direction that God would like the two of you to travel in the future.