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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More of our August Trip to Mexico

Before too many more months go by, here are some pictures of the rest of our time in Mexico.  We spent a lot of time puttering around the Ranch.  Well, Matt spent a lot of time doing repairs and working hard, while I spent a lot of time seeking the Lord and what his plan was for me.  IT was not the easiest of times, but I did learn a lot.  I also got pretty sick during our last week, I think Satan was trying to keep my spirits down.  It was wonderful, however, to spend time with Jen and for our sister Caity & her boyfriend Hayden and our good friend Darren to join us for the last weekend that we were there.  We were sad to leave a little earlier than them, but apparently Matt had been told to get me home on Saturday so I had a day to recuperate. 

Enjoying some delicious tacos after church on Sunday

One of the meals at the Ranch, I leftover something that we turned into enchiladas.
Matt's guitar and music book on the Dining Hall porch
Cute little animal cubs at la Bufadora 
Hayden & Matt checking out the Buf (first timers)
Gorgeous sister Caity -- we were missing Lisa!
There you have it, a few more pictures from our time in Mexico.  I have more to share, so hopefully I will get them up tomorrow!

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