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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mexico in May

I realized that I never shared pictures from our last trip to Mexico.  And thanks to Darren for all of these.  There are many many more.  But I don't have the stamina to sort through them now!  I think this trip was back in May... it was with our church, Go.

With my best co-worker :)  Doing what we love together!
Our little church (or at least those of us who came to Mexico)
A few lofthouses, including part of one that we built.  And Geeski's truck
Putting on the roofcap, Matt & Lonnie directing me from below (I had to use my nail starter to quickly get the nails through the cap)
Hopefully I will be able to update while we are down there during these next few weeks.  Love you all!

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Lora said...

y'all are so cute!!