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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

San Diego Wild Animal Park

As I said awhile back, the family went to the Zoo for Davis' Bday (kinda) in September.  And actually, not the zoo, but the Wild Animal Park. Anyways, I finally got pictures up for you all to enjoy!  We decided that the animal park was better than we expected, and we enjoyed our little tram ride around, our "safari." While expensive, the photo safari looks really cool, you can get right up next to the animals (rhinos, giraffes, etc).  The Hot Air Balloon looks like a $20 waste of money, but what can you expect?  It's America.  Looking for suckers at every corner.   We do recommend the free "Frequent Flyers" program, you get to see some birds soaring right over you!

I was worried that my macbook wouldn't rotate pictures, as it has had problems with that in the past, but everything looks great.  Enjoy!

Ah, motherly love.

We found some gorillas out of their exhibit, haha

How I compare to a gorilla.

This is the weirdest animal ever!  Don't even remember what it was!

A lion sleeping on top of a (reinforced) Jeep.  The one adult male in the park, I believe.

A mama and her cubs. There were 6 cubs born this summer.  The WAP and the SD Zoo have a cool program where they breed their animals with ones from other parks, so there is no chance of genetic damage from incest.  Pretty cool, who'd a thunk?

They're just too cute!  But look at how HUGE those bones are that they are snacking on.

That's a rhino, pooping, right in front of the Safari Jeep. What a great photo op. haha  Plus, the Jeep can't move while animals are that close, so they get to enjoy the sweet aroma, haha

Matt's photo skills for the day, after leaving the Frequent Flyers show

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