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Monday, October 6, 2008

Dinners and Breakfast

Last night I got some baking done, and wrote a paper, now that's mutlitasking. I wanted to get some meals ready for the week, so I would not have to worry about it during school. I made my Mom's newest recipe for pork chops (covering them with a cola/ketchup/brown sugar marinade) and some risotto for dinner last night. There are still 3 chops left. I thought I overcooked them, but Matt said they were tasty. And with all of the bugs around the world today, I guess it is better to overcook them than to undercook them! I also made a variation on Bryan's Moms Baked Ziti (not pictured). I just kinda threw stuff in the pot to make the sauce and then added Rigatoni. It was really good. Does that make me a real chef, when I don't need to follow a recipe by heart, I can just go by guesssing? haha What I love about this recipe is it makes a LOT of pasta. So I have one casserole dish in the fridge, and one in the freezer. Plus 3 mini casseroles. Enough to last us quite awhile!

Mmm dinner! The glass of wine made it perfect! After this, it was back to studying!

This morning, Matt decided to make omelettes for us, actually, he did this yesterday too. i loved waking up to the scent of scrambled eggs and potatoes! This is definitely something I can get used to! haha He has put our toaster oven to use, that thing is his baby! I think he would be able to survive with the toaster oven, the foreman, and the magic bullet. haha Anyways, breakfast was delish! And as I sat down to eat, Matt said: "Don't worry, I already got pictures, just go ahead and enjoy your breakfast." Wow. He knows me well! Here are his pictures of a perfect Monday morning breakfast, definitely makes Mondays much better:



Claire Koenig said...

Did you like the pork chops? Hope so! and, hey, I like your placemats! Aloha!

Megan said...

Yes they were very good!! I did not expect you to be checking blogs in Hawaii! haha

Check back tomorrow for some good posts (I just figured out how to schedule posts...oOoh!)