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Monday, October 6, 2008

Kmart was doubling coupons last week, and I went over on Thursday to see what I could get. While I spent more than I had planned, I scored some amazing deals! i spent around $56 and saved over $40. That's pretty good, right? Anyways, some of the items were actually free, like the tums and kids toothpaste. And some were just really cheap. but the boxes of cereal were really cheap, so I could not pass them up. I have been reading a guide to grocery shopping by Money Saving Mom, and one of her tips is to never spend more than $2 on a box of cereal. Each of those lovely boxes was under $2, amazing, I know. haha Anyways, here is a picture of my purchases. And I still have pictures of the Zoo Trip to put up!


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Claire Koenig said...

Congratulations. Never spend more than $2 on a box of cereal? We'd have starved in our house. I'm looking forward to the wild animal park pictures!