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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

new post for Dean

So my Dad (Dean) reads this blog. How do I know? He texted me (facetiously) saying i needed to update the blog. so here it is dad (ps you should comment if you are reading this, homie. or anyone else, comment to let me know you are reading!)

Other news, Matthew is teaching me to play frisbee. I have to play against people who play in leagues (geez Em) in July, so I need to get into shape! haha My throws are already improving, and playing a few games against my Dad beforehand will probably teach me defense (he likes to push people over) and Rod can teach me to throw elbows! haha All in all, it's been fun and we're enjoying the exercise!

I have pictures of the apartment, but they are not on the computer yet. So here are 6 more pictures of they honeymoon.

Second Formal Night, my calf looked weird

Much better picture!

Scared/angry at the monkey!

There's a monkey on my back!

Matt thought this was hilarious!


Dean said...

nice update...what you'll really learn from Rod is the 'knock-down body roll'!

I love you!


Barbara said...

Were you trying to make a beer float? I don't think it would taste nearly as good as a rootbeer one. lol

Barb (the waterlily one) :-)

Megan said...

Love you too, Dad!

And no, I just had a beer with lunch and decided to get free ice cream afterwards. I didn't really mix the two! haha