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Monday, April 7, 2008


As most of you know, we went on a Royal Caribbean cruise to Mexico for our honeymoon. Here are a few pictures. I haven't put the rest on facebook yet, and that's where I'm getting them from as I am posting from work! haha

At formal dinner (the first!)
Matt lost a question in the "Newlywed Game" & had to do pushups with me on his back!
Were in the middle

On our snorkel trip, with the arch in the backrground

Lots and Lots of Shrimp! (and garlic butter, mmmm)

See we're at the Shrimp Factory (this was for Den Den)

Ready to go on our rhino tour!


dan bowen said...

Cruises are the best possible Honeymoon! Glad you had fun. Mel, Tate, and I were bummed to miss your wedding. Glad it was a good day. Enjoy married life!

Monique said...

hey Megan (it's Monique) I saw your blog linked from Jason and Laurens'

Cuuuute pictures! :) Happy Birthday hope the headache goes away!