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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Thursday Night Wedding

Back in March, a couple good friends of ours tied the knot. Matthew was a groomsman, but I was lucky enough to just attend the wedding. I don't know if that's the right word - but it was nice to not worry about what happened when and making sure everything went smoothly. Here are a few pictures:

The guys walked in like a mob with their sunglasses on - spreading out so that the groom could "appear" from behind them. It was awesome

Me and the hubs at the table. We like to be goofy!

Marcos (another groomsman) insisted that we have a good picture together. Mom, here is one of us smiling all nice and pretty -I think we look pretty dang good, if I do say so myself hehe

Kevin & Linds, our good friends. Kevin was also a groomsman.

Being goofy!

Again with the goofiness...

Jake'snew father in law gave him a sword during his toast. That was pretty dang sweet!

This was the group that we went camping with on New Years. The 3 guys were obviously in the wedding, we girls sat together during the ceremony and called ourselves the first wives club - cuz we were just waiting for our hubbys! Isn't the bride just stunning?

Lastly, the favors. Delicious cookies. I'm going to post the recipe on Newly Wife soon. :)

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Claire Koenig said...

I do like the picture with the smiles!