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Monday, April 19, 2010

Mexico: March 26-28

It seems as if this is the year of Mexico for the Nadalets. We have been down almost every month, it seems, and have no plan of quitting anytime soon. This particular trip was not for any particular "reason," other than Caitlin needed a ride back to the States (she had gone down the week before with another church, and spent a week of her spring break on the ranch). This trip definitely taught us about how Mexico = Flexico. We ended up driving Scott out to the hotel where Praxis was staying on Friday night, before we even made it to the Ranch. We stayed in Carter's lofthouse, near Jen's lofthouse. It was fun to stay down there and feel like "staff."

Saturday morning came and I helped with breakfast and then Matt & I helped lead different builds. I had never led a build in any sort of capacity before, so this was a challenge for me (even though Steve was really leading, Jen was second in command, and then Caitlin and I were kinda helping out where needed). Also, we had 35 people at our site, so it was a bit like herding cats. Matt led with Evan, and they had only 10 people. I know, we should have sent people over, but our group of 35 were all newbies who wanted to stick together. So we finally finished the build around 4 and went into town (the 5 of us) for tacos and ice cream.

Below you can see Evan running down the "sidewalk" to get Danny's attention, as he drove by. He did it and Danny came by to say hi.

Some very inappropriate bunny cookies.

So we met this guy who was building a house with his Romanian Baptist Church from Fresno. He told us about these natural hot springs on the beach and "all you have to do is dig down and hot water flows up and fills the holw." We had a shovel, got some shorts from the Segundas, and went down to the beach. We dug 3 different holes (the last one was like 4 feet deep) and no hot water. I'm sure the locals were laughing at us gringos going on a Mexican snipe hunt. But we got back to the Ranch and the Johnsons and Van Nesses said it was a true story and they are really there. We will have to go back another time, when we have more time and it isn't getting dark soon!

I think this next picture was right after Caitlin accidentally threw sand at Evan.

This picture kind of encapsulates the night. Chaos. And laughing. And I think Evan jumped on Jen's foot. haha

We ran some errands on our way out of town on Sunday, getting cheap medicine, sodas for Jason -- you know, the usual. And ended with Horchata and ice cream!

Another fun weekend. Another good time getting to know Jen better. Another really long drive, for one weekend. But still, ever so worth it!


Claire Koenig said...

So, how do you know where it's "safe" to buy ice cream, and horchata, and tacos in town?

T said...

Sometimes Claire, it's just better not knowing what your offspring dol

Megan said...

Well we always go to the same taco place (not Mamas anymore) that is safe. Rick and the other Hands of Mercy guys (and girls) have figured out what places are safe. And ice cream. Well Jen (the one in pink) is the one who know that. She lives there too. mmmm that ice cream was good. I will have to take you both soon!

sassy said...

how fun- looks like playing in the sand isn't just for kids!