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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Well I am only 3 weeks late with these pictures! That's better than a month! haha

We have a tradition of celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Kev and Linds. I think this was either our third or fourth year doing it. Check out this post for a picture from 2 years ago. It was a week after our honeymoon, in our cozy (read: crappy) little apartment! We made green beer. I think it was just bud light with green dye. Then last year we tried guinness floats (you know, ice cream with guinness on top). Also in the apartment - our last little shindig there. The floats were okay. This year we just did a 6 pack of Guinness, had to keep it simple since the boys were in a wedding the next day and we were all at the rehearsal this night. Maybe next year we will do a full dinner with corned beef and hash?

Here are some pictures of us enjoying our Guinnesses and being goofy. Well Matt and Kev were being goofy. They were also totally entranced by the "rocket" inside the bottle, it makes the beer smoother and like it is fresh from the draught. yummy!

This is Matt patronizing me. Can you tell? And look at poor Halvsies all flopped around in my lap! haha


Brooke Bilicke said...

Halvies should lay off the beer haha

Megan said...

hahahaha just saw this comment. Nice one B!