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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wine Closet

Would you like to know what happens when you move out of your parents house and they take over your old bedroom?? They turn what used to be a nice little closet for all of your clothes into a wine closet. Seriously? A wine closet?? Not to mention, it is stocked pretty well! haha My parents actually turned my old bedroom into a guest room, once I was married and all. They left the shrine to Megan at peace until I said I do. Mom Claire did a really nice job re-painting it (what? not everyone likes green & blue walls with a yellow ceiling?) and refurnishing it - there is now a queen sized bed in there, so 2 people can spend the night! But I did get a kick out of it once I realized the refinished closet (it had 4 doors that opened by folding into themselves, which didn't work as well once the giant bed was in the middle of the room... so they bolted the one closest to the wall into the closet frame & left the other one to open) had been turned into an ebay storage shed & wine closet. haha And yes, that is a wine cooler fridge thingie on the bottom. My dad got some great deal on it from the other Matt, his nephew.


Claire Koenig said...

I had no idea you were blogging my life too. Good thing I've gotten over worrying about what my non-drinking friends think of my willingness to imbibe. And, yes, someday you'll get a bedroom back and have fun reconnecting with it. Remember, I had it first.

Leslie Elizabeth said...

lots of wine! i am jealous! love it!

Beth said...


At least your parents didn't do what we did after Rob and Liz went to college. We sold our house and moved to another house and their bedrooms in the new house now became ours not theirs. As far as the wine closet, you and Matt need to come to St. Louis to see our wine tasting room.

Your cousin, Beth

Megan said...


That's funny! Next time we venture to St Louis, we will definitely give you a call! Glad to know you read the blog!