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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Half Blood Prince

We have a new addition to our family, a little grey tabby from Mexico. The Half Blood Prince (because he's half Mexican and half American) joined our family in August. He came from our missionary friends in Mexico and made the trip North with his brother Griffin in the Fortuna excursion. We call him Halvsies for short (and Matt won't use the name Half Blood Prince because he doesn't like it haha). I was waiting to do this post until all of the pictures were together, but I can't wait anymore. This is partially a sad post because our beloved kitten has been missing since last Saturday. We are trying to tell ourselves that he is just wandering, but we think a neighbor may have stolen him. Sue (the missionary) says that males tend to wander, especially if they aren't fixed yet. We figured at 4 months he was too young to be fixed, and had not gotten that done yet. Matt made posters and we have been putting them up around the neighborhood. But it almost feels like a lost cause. I miss our little kitten so dearly, I never thought I would have gotten so attached. I am afraid we need to just give up and pray that he is with a nice family, but another part of me does not want to give up hope. Sue said that Belle (his Mama) is pregnant again, so we can have a kitten from her next litter. Matt said this is only going to happen if it's another male with white paws, just like our little baby. That being said. Here are some pictures of our wonderful kitten.

This is actually a picture of the toys I made him. He wasn't old enough to use the catnip ones yet!

I can't rotate this, but here he is only a few days after coming to our house

Sleeping in the bed that I made him. He did outgrow his little basket really fast though!

Playing outside while Matthew was watching

You need to stand on your head to see this in the right way. But here's a pic of me and our kitty

And another one

We caught him climbing on the outside of the screen door. He wanted in, because he loved people that much!

Killing his first lizard (he killed at least 3 more and numerous flies & crickets)

Typing messages to people on facebook
Biting Mommy's fingers

There are more pictures, but they are on my other computer. And I believe there are a few videos of him. More to come later!


Monique said...

awww... sorry Megan. I hope he comes back home to you safely!

Jessica said...

Oooh! He is SO adorably cute!! I'm so sorry that he hasn't come back home yet! I hope he does!!

genevieve said...

haha, you lost your cat already. hahahahahaha, oh man, I am sorry, but it is a little funny. And the name is a little ridiculous, i agree with Matt. The white paws are precious meg