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Friday, September 11, 2009

Crusing on the I-5

I love visiting my parents and the Bay area. There is just something wonderful about cool weather and time with family that cannot be beat. The one major drawback is the 6 hour drive that it takes to get there. The last time we went, Kev & Linds joined us in the Avalon, which made the ride much better. I thought I would share this picture of the sunset with you. Ah, the sun setting over the 5, what a glorious sight! (my mom will make a comment about how I said the 5 and now just 5. trust me, it's a NorCal - SoCal thing!)

This is what I usually look like when I'm stuck behind the wheel. Paying attention to the road, but totally bored.

But the Starbucks does help! A treat that we usually save for these trips. And this was purchased with a bday giftcard from Joy. Thanks Joy! (actually I think it might have been Christmas... meaning it sat in our eating out envelope for 6 months!)

Hope you all enjoyed the little glimpse of our ride. And yes, that is my College World Series t-shirt that I'm sporting, go SeaOtters [Lions]!


Claire Koenig said...

I love the sunset picture. If you have to be driving on Highway 5, the best times are dawn and twilight. So many shades of the delicate colors, and there's so much sky to watch.

As to freeway nomenclature, it's so true. If I'm talking to a SoCal person about SoCal freeways, or if I'm below the northern incline of the Grapevine/Ridge Route, I will use "the" in front of the freeway number. (Like the Apostle Paul: all things to all people.) But up north, if you say "the 580" or "the 101" you've just identified yourself as a SoCal person. I was a bit sad when you became a SoCal person. But I adapt.

genevieve said...

580/101/5/the 5.. I never realized they were all the same, thanks Claire!
I agree with mama koenig, the sunset picture is amazing! And do not identify yourself as a so- cal person, but i also call it the 5, still though, claim your roots and be proud!

Megan said...

hahahhahaha I am currently a So Cal person but a Nor Cal A's fan for life! haha I still claim that I came from the hood and tell people the tales of my ghetto talk & puff jackets & driving in the Dakota / Suburban with the seat down and the rap music blasting. Wow. I was a loser!