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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Recent Craft Endeavors

Well I'm officially t'ed off with blogger. I can' edit a dang picture once it is uploaded. Grrrr. And that is why this first picture is sideways. It's correct in my file, but 3 times trying to upload and no dice. It is a picture of an apron that I made with this tutorial, and a matching pot holder and dish rags. Part of a wedding favor for Staci.

This is a gift basket that I made as a prize for bingo. The large pink heart is a bath fizzy. the green soaps were made with shavings of some bar soap. And then the white soaps were made with this awesome tutorial from Anne Marie.

A close up of some of the soaps and the stamps that I used. I also made some as favors for stacis shower, and totally forgot to get pictures. But I learned thatI need to use a non-bleeding colorant or the white will slowly fade to the back color!

Oh and an Easter soap with a bunny and eggs inset. Don't you want to buy some?

Fixed a giant rip up the pocket of T-Pains (a girl named Taylor)'s pants. I loved how it turned out so much that I am making my own!

And there you have it, just tast of what I've been crafting lately!

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Anne-Marie said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Those pastel soaps are the cutest! I love what you did with the stamps and using cute colors with the stamping technique concept. Awesome!