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Thursday, July 2, 2009

City by the Bay

Before our Bay Area prebuild, Matt and I got to play tourist with Kev and Linds. We had been talking about going to San Francisco for a few years, so it was exciting to see this finally come to fruition. My mom was an amazing tourguide and took us all over the City. I saw a few things I had not seen before (like the Victorian houses aka FULL HOUSE house! woo!). This picture is from that place:

Next stop, Baker Beach. This is the scene of the Beach Party in the Princess Diaries and also of Matt and I's engagement photos. Here's a picture of me and my lovely Mutti.

This sign said 0.7 mi to Land's End. 1.4 mi to the Golden Gate Bridge. and 775 mi. to Mexico. That's where I was headed. Although it looks like I'm pointing up. Oh well.
View of Coit tower from Lombard Street:

My love and I at Lombard Street.

View of the City from Coit Tower...

A drive-by picture of City Hall.

And that is about it for our quick little tour of San Francisco. I have some pictures of us all eating lunch and of Lindsey sleeping. But I thought I would be nice and spare everyone from seeing that! Thanks for visiting today!

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