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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Smile in a Picture?

My mom recently pointed out that I have a problem with smiling in pictures. I apparently like to make funny faces. I have NO idea what she is talking about... just kidding. When looking back at my pictures from San Francisco, I see what she means. I have come up with a few theories:

1) If I'm having a bad smile day (it's a real phenomenon) I will just pucker up or make a smirk. Example A:
2) Sometimes it is more fun just to make weird faces to upset the one taking the picture (heh heh) See below:

3) Sometimes I am just so dang cute when I'm making faces or drinking a cream soda...

4) Sometimes it is just plain boredom. This was taken when avoiding a paper that I had to write. Matthew is making a "who-face" in one too (but I can't find it. I also have one of the Nadalet siblings making this face, but no idea where it is)!

And then sometimes I think my face-making is a learned experience. I mean, can you see what Sarah is showing me here? (I love you girl, don't kill me for putting this up!)

In this example, I am just following my man's lead...

Or maybe it just runs in the family... (3 pictures to prove this point)

And I picked someone who encourages it?

Lastly, it could have started as a childhood game, that I never stopped playing. Or maybe my parents were just so mean and took away all my toys, that this is a learned response.

But what do I really think? I think my dad has been doing this for years and I am just a Daddy's girl following his footsteps... unfortunately all of the good pictures of him being a weirdo are on my other computer. Maybe this one will suffice:


Leslie Elizabeth said...

love the silly post!

Jessica said...

i have a great picture to prove you can be normal in cani send it to you, it's totally worthy of your blog :)

Caitlin said...

ahahahahaha these are the best pictures i have ever seen! this is hilarious!

William and Jessica said...

Super cute!