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Friday, June 12, 2009

Balboa Island

Or park. I can't remember if it's considered an Island or Park. Anywho, the Nadalets and Koenigs ventured over there on Sunday after Church. We had lunch at the Prado, where they have delicious hummus and bread sticks. Well flat bread thingies! mmm mm and the Sangria is also delightful. as are the chocolate martinis.

We had some problems taking pictures with the self timer, but here are a few! In this one, the camera got a lot of sidewalk (I cropped it) and our faces were hard to see)

In this picture, the white balance was so off that we looked like angels. This was my attempt to tone it down. I believe my dad is going to edit this one.

Me and the hubby, for some reason we look dumb. I think it is because Davis did not count to 3!


The Ton Face said...

The problem with the second picture looks more like it was over exposed, so it will be hard to "fix" that. The pixels in the super bright areas of the picture have no color to find most likely.

Monique said...

Pretty sure it's called Balboa Island... but that's just me haha :) Looks like fun!

Megan said...

Yeah it was definitely over exposed. Oh well! nothing you can do then!

and thanks Monique, I'm gonna go with Island too!