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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Royce & Alison are married!

The families (Koenig, Nadalet, Atwood, West) met up in San Diego to celebrate Royce and Alison's wedding (they aren't techinicallyfamily, but our family was invited). It was a wonderful excuse for a mini-vacation! we had dinner at a Portuguese restaurant on Friday and then spent Saturday wandering around Point Loma and then relaxing at the pool. The wedding was at this cute restaurant on the water. Emily took some great pictures, but here are a few of mine. I felt like paparazzi during the ceremony because all that I could see was Alison's face!

I tried my hand at photoshop. I'm not too happy with the results:

We happened to run outside for sunset pictures right before them. Can't you just see how radiant they are??

This cracks me up, it's when my mom was dancing with Joey (a high school friend) and aunt Katie cut in! Emily said it's the mai-tai's... they are miracle workers!

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