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Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Married my Dad

Have you ever heard the old saying "You'll end up marrying someone just like your father."? Well I had, but I was not so convinced... until yesterday. That's when it hit me, Matt does all of those annoying little things that my dad does, and finds hilarious. (Sometimes it's funny, and sometimes it gets old... right mom?)

Case in point: My dad loved to ask us "What band is this?" No matter what's playing. I used to always answer U2, because there was a 50% chance that's who it was... but he caught on. Now I throw in the occasional "Toby Mac" or "Family Force 5" or "Iz (followed by: what Iz, was). And now... Matthew does the same exact thing! I realized it on the way to Disneyland on Saturday. But it really hit me last night. When he asked who it was, I said, I dunno. Red? And he throws up his rock fist and says "No... this should be a clue!" haha It was Skillet. Anyways. We made it home and I was highly doped up on muscle relaxants... I recognized the band and opened my eyes and mouth enough to say "It's Lifehouse." he was shocked, really excited that I knew it, and then laughing because the painkillers were definitely in effect. hahaha

and I'm seeing how I am becoming more and more like Terry. I've been couponing a lot, and we like to tell each other how many swagbucks we won! And I am also starting to garden (I get this from my parents too). So it's not a bad thing to be like your spouse's parents. Just funny. Because you think you found someone different, and then... haha not really!

Love you all, hopefully I can find my camera cord soon!

1 comment:

Mike said...

Hey Megan, i think that's a guy thing--i do that with Sarah all the time.

Although i find it sad that you're listening to Lifehouse! :D