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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Emily is Married!

So exciting! Their wedding was so beautiful and wonderful and I was so lucky to be a part of it. Joel took some amazing pictures, check out to see a slideshow! But being in their wedding made me think about weddings. And how many I have been to or in. Here's what I can think of so far, in dated order (somewhat)

Dan & Maribelle McNely (I was a flower girl)
Bryan & Kelly DeGhetto
Eric & Jennifer (aka Pinky) Grbich
Alan & Jay Yu
Brian & Cassi Nesmith
Aaron & Lauren Grbich
Cody & Amy Moxley
John & Melody Townsend
Dirk & Alicia Dallas
Matt & Megan Nadalet (that's our wedding!!)
Matt & Emily West (Matron of Honor)

And those to come later this year/next year:
Mike & Sarah Atwood (less than 3 weeks)
Bill & Jenna Clayton (September)
Adam & Sarah Belknap (September or October, not sure)
Eric & Shayna Bennett (October)
Corwin & Mandy Wong (May 09)

So 11 so far and 5 more to come! Crazy! Did I forget anyone else?

Oh, and here are a few pics that I stole from Christine of Em's wedding. I will have mine up in a bit.

Getting Ready with some Go-Girls...

Being Sassy... just like Em!

Isn't that bridal party stunning?

Here's Mr. & Mrs. Matt West! Woo!


Claire Koenig said...

You're going to Bill & Jenna's wedding? Better start driving now... :)

Emily's wedding was beautiful and the photos with the palm trees and blue sky and vineyards are very spectacular. She definitely has an eye for style!

bobbi said...

so beautiful I love the colors and the pictures are awesome!

bobbi said...


Megan said...

Bill and Jenna are basically having a second wedding (complete with viewing of the video) in California for all of us who can't fly there.

And yes Emily does!