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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bibles for Congo, Part 2

Here are the rest of the onesies, that I have left. A few have already sold. Anyways, let me know which one you want, and I will take it off the market! And some of them have not been stitched on yet (I use a fabric glue first and then stitch the Africa), so don't be confused if it looks incomplete. It is just so you can see the colors and fabric. They will be stitched before you receive them! And like I said before, let me know if you need a different size or gender option. I can get new ones!

Pink and Teal (sorry it's flipped weird, I don't know why blogger does that!) 12-18 mos

Green and Gold, 9-12 months: SOLD! Yay!

Pink and Green, 9-12 months

Purple and green, 18-24 months
SOLD! Yay!

Blue and Blue, 12-18 months

Green and Blue, 18-24 months


Anonymous said...

Bring me a couple when we meet in LA and I'll write a check - how much, and who do I make it out to? Make sure you like the ones you bring me because they'll probably end up on your babies somewhere down the line.

Megan said...

Well I'm going to assume this is my Mutti... and I will pick some out that I like for the little feet that will someday run around my house! haha Thanks Mom Oh and the check is to Trinity Church

Annemarie said...

My Dad was a missionary there when I was only teeny tiny. I still have the doll he brought back for me. She used to have a lot of hair, but now there's only one...