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Monday, July 14, 2008

Bibles for Congo

Matthew is back on staff at Trinity, again as the Praxis (college) intern. That means that we are involved in the college group activities again. This summer we are helping raise money to send Bibles to Congo. It costs $6 to send a Bible to Congo, in their native Lingala. Which is pretty sweet, seeing as some of the pastors (like 2/3's of the pastors) do not have Bibles. This is a national project of the Evangelical Free Church (union or however churches are joined by denomination) that we are jumping on. Last week, we met a pastor from San Jose who is either coordinating this whole thing, or very high up in it. He gets emails from the newly elected president of Congo, how cool is that? And sending bibles is just a small part of what the Evangelical Free Church is doing over there. There are also orphanages being built, food being distributed, textbooks being sent over, etc.

Anyways, Mark (the pastor) encouraged each of us to come up with our own, unique way to raise money. One girl designed a shirt with a sweet logo, that has become a trademark for the whole campaign that Praxis is doing. Matt made stickers, using that logo (those are $2 (or $1, I'm not sure), so they buy part of a Bible, but more importantly, they get the word out. Someone bought water bottles at Vons and then re-sold them at Huntington Beach for a donation. Another guy bought a bible for each birdie that he shot in a tournament, and his mom matched him with 4 bibles per birdie. That's 50 bibles right there! We are also collecting change, some people are turning in recycling and using that money for Bibles for Congo. I tried to think of what I could do (bake sale, make hats (which would TOTALLY copy what we did for Invisible Children), etc) and came up with an idea to reach moms, and people with friends or relatives who had babies.

Onesies! So I have sewed on a little Africa and painted on, Bibles for Congo. I will post the pictures here, let me know if you want to buy a specific one. And a little note about the sizes, they run WAY smaller than what they are. So a 6-9 would fit a newborn to like 3 or 4 months. A 10-12 fits a 6-9. etc. I have a few completely finished right now, which I will post, and then I have more (in larger sizes) which are almost done! Let me know if you need a different size and if it is for a boy or girl or one that could go either way (like the orange one). You can either leave a comment or facebook me or email me, if you know that info! Sorry the pictures are sideways, I can't figure out how to change that!

This is basically what the onesie looks like:

6-9 months (I don't know why it's not rotated): SOLD! Yay!

6-9 months: SOLD! Another Bible to Congo!

6-9 months: SOLD!!!! Woohoo

6-9 months

10-12 months


William & Jessica said...

Oh my word, Megan! These are the cutest things ever! I love that you can sew too...and jealous for that matter too. :D How can I order them? Where do I send my check too? etc...Let me know! I love them. Great idea!

Megan said...

Thanks! And I can do basic sewing, nothing intense!